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Fraud June 12, 2018

How to Pick a Fraud Protection Provider

When you desperately need ecommerce fraud protection is no time to start thinking about what you want in a fraud protection provider. Some thoughts on figuring out which fraud protection partner is best for your business.

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Better Ecommerce June 8, 2018

IRCE Takeaway: Buckle Up for a Bumpy Ride

Spending the better part of a week at IRCE is like being hit with a fire hose of information. We’re here to help — today and in the future.

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Fraud June 7, 2018

Account Takeover and the Changing Face of Fraud

Online fraud is here to stay, but the nature of it is constantly changing. Signifyd’s Sourabh Kothari took IRCE attendees through the Ecommerce Fraud Index, which described the changing shape of the fraud threat to retailers.

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Better Ecommerce June 7, 2018

Home Goods Shopping is Quickly Moving into the Digital Age

There is a shift under way in the retail home goods sector. Consumers, who have always shopped online for furniture, appliances and home improvement products, are now more comfortable buying the bulky goods online. Retailers are working to give consumers what they want with innovations such as artificial reality. And, yes, Amazon looms, moving big-time into the vertical.

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Guaranteed fraud protection for ecommerce

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Better Ecommerce June 6, 2018

What Selling Wine Teaches Retailers About Going Global

When expanding your ecommerce business internationally, you can’t literally land and expand. There’s a lot to consider about getting to know your new customers. Victor Castro of Zachys has been there and he has some advice to share.

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Fraud June 5, 2018

This Seattle-based Startup Is Changing Personal Transportation

“Clearly, we’ve found a market other companies have simply overlooked for far too long.” Rad Power Bikes is changing personal transportation. Signifyd is proud to support them and their mission.

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IRCE banners hang on the first day of the annual conference
Fraud June 5, 2018

Retailers Struggle with Frictionless vs. Fraud

Almost everything an online merchant can do to make buying easier for customers also makes things easier for the professional fraudsters who prey on ecommerce companies. Let’s just agree that life isn’t fair.

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Chart showing growth, representing the acceleration of ecommerce
Fraud June 5, 2018

Online Fraud Protection is Being Transformed

Guaranteed fraud protection is finding itself in the limelight and its place there is a solid sign that the innovative form of online fraud management has reached mainstream status.

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a platform symbolic of the eternal ecommerce question: To replatform or not to replatform
Better Ecommerce May 31, 2018

Replatforming Your Ecommerce Site Doesn’t Have to Be Hell

Replatforming your ecommerce site might not be tops on your list for a good time. But there is a right way to do it — a way that can take the misery out of the process. Brian Benic, of digital agency Corra, explains how in this brief video interview.

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Fraud May 31, 2018

Failure: The Secret to Success for Business and Gorgeous Hair

KinkyCurlyYaki’s growth with healthy, beautiful, natural-looking hair has been phenomenal. Signifyd has helped them accept more orders, keep fraudsters away, and eliminate chargeback losses.

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