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In order to keep up with the digitally native gazelles of ecommerce, legacy retailers need to offload operational distractions.
Better Ecommerce August 14, 2018

How to Succeed Like a Digitally Native Retailer

Digitally native retailers start life with a lot of advantages and get a lot of love from industry watchers. But legacy retailers don’t have to throw up their hands. They can play the digital transformation game and gain equal footing with the upstarts. Ulta Beauty Independent Director Cathy Halligan talks about leveraging tech partners as a competitive advantage.

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Atlas at Rockefeller Center
Fraud August 10, 2018

A Deloitte-Sponsored Panel Will Focus on a New View of Ecommerce Fraud

NYPay’s panel discussion at Deloitte headquarters on Tuesday is yet another sign that leading retailers have dramatically shifted the way they look at managing online fraud. No longer is fraud management all about minimizing loss. It’s really all about maximizing revenue.

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a long line of customers at a retail store
Better Ecommerce August 7, 2018

Don’t Make Your Online Checkout Worse Than Standing in Line

Online checkout is the moment of truth. You’ve guided your customer nearly all the way through the buying process. Just one more step. But too often checkout comes with serious friction. These six ecommerce experts have some tips on how to eliminate the barriers to a smooth checkout.

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Signifyd team photo for Indy Guha announcement
News & Media August 6, 2018

Retail Tech Venture Capitalist Indy Guha to Lead Signifyd’s Enterprise Marketing Team

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Indy Guha this week joined fraud-protection provider Signifyd to lead its enterprise marketing team. The hire marks the company’s latest move to further advance its market leadership in helping enterprise and omnichannel retailers enhance customer experience via fraud-free global commerce.

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Guaranteed fraud protection for ecommerce

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Better Ecommerce July 31, 2018

Digital Natives in Retail Aren’t Slam Dunk Successes

Digitally native retailers, born on the internet and buoyed by fiercely loyal customers, have some advantages over legacy retailers. But the darlings of commerce face some challenges, too. Retail expert Cathy Halligan talks about the pros and cons in a brief video interview.

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Better Ecommerce July 26, 2018

The Top Omnichannel Retailers Might Surprise You

FitForCommerce studied the digital and omnichannel practices of 120 large retailers and ranked their performance. A number of the best in the bunch come from a segment that might surprise you: department stores. Yep.

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Better Ecommerce July 24, 2018

The Future of Retail Promises More Disruption, eTail Europe Panel Concludes

The future of retail will require providing consumers with more choices in how to shop and buy. And it will call for leaders who can move fast while setting aside the kind of fears that add friction to the customer experience.

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Better Ecommerce July 19, 2018

Auto Parts Industry Forecast: Mostly Sunny With Some Storm Clouds

Technological advances and consumers’ strong embrace of online shopping means big changes for the automotive parts retail sector. Most signs look positive, but there are some reasons for concerns. Signifyd’s industry report takes a deep dive.

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Fraud July 13, 2018

How Do You Build a Massive, Multi-Million Dollar Empire with Socks?

Stance has built a massive, multi-million dollar empire with socks and base-layer garments. With Signifyd, Stance continues growing without worrying about fraud.

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Server room where retailers and others store data
Better Ecommerce July 13, 2018

The Perils of GDPR Non-Compliance for Retailers

For retailers it was a sprint to achieve compliance with new data regulations under GDPR. Now comes the focus on the fine print: The business must be compliant, but so too must any vendors who access the customer data GDPR is meant to protect.

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