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News & Media June 24, 2014

Signifyd Adds Redstage Networks as New Strategic Partner

Signifyd is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Redstage Networks (www.redstage.com) as part of our Signifyd Partner Program. This agreement brings together Redstage’s extensive web development expertise with Signifyd’s industry leading anti-fraud and business enablement solutions to help eCommerce merchants sell more products and services without the fear of fraud.

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News & Media June 17, 2014

Signifyd Featured as Redstage’s Partner of the Month

Today, we’re excited to announce that our newest partner, Redstage, featured Signifyd in their blog as part of their ‘Partner of the Month’ series. You can read the full post on Redstage’s blog. Stay tuned for when we reciprocate and feature Redstage in our blog shortly.

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Fraud March 9, 2014

Help! I just got a chargeback!!

When setting up an online store, it can be an exciting time. You are building your website, uploading images of your items for sale and building out a loyal customer base that will help you increase sales as you lift your brand from nothing to a recognized symbol. Like many customers who have reached out to Signifyd, chargebacks and fraud was never even on their radar, until they got one.

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Better Ecommerce March 4, 2014

Ecommerce grew 16.9% in 2013 and here is what to do about it

16.9 percent. As you read through this article, keep that number in mind. 16.9 percent. That is the percentage growth of ecommerce sales that 2013 had over 2012. It might be hard to imagine that ecommerce could have that high of a growth rate when seemingly there are endless amounts of websites already selling on the web and online giants such as Amazon have the appearance of dominating online sales. But ecommerce according to the US Census Bureau is poised for unprecedented growth. According to a report that was released on February 18th, ecommerce had $263.3 Billion dollars in sales in 2013. That number though amounts to a measly 5.8% of total sales in America.

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Guaranteed fraud protection for ecommerce

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Better Ecommerce January 20, 2014

14 reasons every online store needs to get fraud protection

Companies that sell on the internet are on the hook for any stolen credit cards they accept. This means that unless they want to lose a lot of cash to people who stole credit cards, almost every company has at least one individual checking their customers orders before they ship. But for many web based companies, ‘validating their orders’ tends to mean one or two people who are given minimal resources and tasked with the enormous goal of approving all the ‘good customers’ and cancelling all the ‘bad orders’. Here is 14 quick points on why online stores need to get serious about protecting themselves from fraud lest they drive their fraud prevention staff insane.

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News & Media December 25, 2013

Who’s really at risk in Target’s credit card breach

In the wake of Target’s disclosure that upwards of 40 million cards were compromised, a tsunami of public outrage and public opinions have been raised in discussions about how this happened and what Target should have done to stop it. According to the Wall Street Journal Target has already reported that sales are down as shoppers stay away out of fear. Consumers are still cautious about Target, and they are afraid of making purchases there. But should they be?

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Fraud November 19, 2013

The internet retailer’s fraud prevention guide

Online shopping has spiked in the last 5 years, crossing the trillion dollar threshold in 2012. Embracing the consumer preference for internet shopping, many new businesses are only available through the web. Yet a surprisingly low number of new merchants are taking measures to protect themselves from internet fraud. While many online business owners are convinced that any fraud activity on a card is largely the domain of banks and credit card issuers, internet retailers are simply unaware that in the world of ‘card not present’ (internet purchases), they are liable for bad purchases run through their stores.

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News & Media October 16, 2013

Signifyd Launches Enterprise-Class Ecommerce Fraud Platform

SANTA CLARA, CA – October 16, 2013 – Signifyd today announced the launch of the first ecommerce fraud platform that seeks to dramatically reduce a retailer’s exposure to chargebacks and fraud by analyzing data footprints to bridge the gap between online and offline consumer identities.

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News & Media October 11, 2013

Signifyd helps Bitcoin seller btcQuick hit nearly $ 2million in sales

This is a repost from CoinDesk. Bitcoin sales service btcQuick says that it has achieved nearly $2m in sales. Colorado-based CEO Jerrod Bunce started the company in November 2012, after trying to buy bitcoins and getting frustrated with bitcoin sales site BitInstant, a service that enabled customers to buy and sell bitcoin but which was criticized for its slow service.

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Fraud October 7, 2013

Zombie computers and affiliate fraud

Welcome back for another entry into our series, the top 10 phrases used in the fraud industry (and an explanation of what they really mean!). Today we are going to talk about a more business related fraud scheme, but still one with severe consumer and commercial implications. Affiliate fraud, alternately known as click fraud, is the act of fraudulently simulating web traffic to a web site.

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