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Fraud December 21, 2017

How Online Fraud Impacts Your Business

Guaranteed Fraud Protection brings economic benefits far beyond simply preventing online fraud. Shipping more orders and streamlining operations can bring a 3.8x ROI.

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Better Ecommerce December 19, 2017

Finding a Middle Ground in Ecommerce Debate Over Platform or Best of Breed

When it comes to deploying technology in ecommerce, is it better to take a suite approach or choose to combine a number of best of breed technologies?

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Better Ecommerce December 14, 2017

Free Shipping Day Provides Merchants an Opportunity — And a Test

Like the holiday shopping season itself, Shipping Day, Dec. 15 this year, presents a big opportunity — and a big challenge — for retailers and especially for the back end of their operations. If all goes as planned, orders will spike, bringing more revenue and the need for speed.

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Better Ecommerce December 14, 2017

Nine Tips for Successful Ecommerce in 2018

It’s not to early to chart the course to success in 2018. Three ecommerce veterans recently pooled their knowledge in a webinar “Nine Ecommerce Tips for a Successful 2018,” which provided a game plan for attracting, converting and keeping customers in the coming year.

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Fraud December 12, 2017

Reinventing Madison as “One of the Best Shoe Stores in the World”

“We have customers across the world, I want to be able to ship to them without worrying about it. Thank god we have a company like you guys, so everything is covered for us.”

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Better Ecommerce December 12, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Powers Customer Experience After the Buy Button

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage in ecommerce when it comes to attracting consumers to merchants’ sites and enticing them to buy. But the potential for AI after a customer clicks on the buy button is huge — and not fully realized.

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Better Ecommerce December 6, 2017

An Expert’s Advice on Handling Holiday Ecommerce Stress

No doubt the holiday shopping season is a pressure cooker for online retailers. ShipStation’s Robert Gilbreath knows that as well as anyone and he has some holiday survival tips to make the crucial season bearable, and dare we say, fun.

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Better Ecommerce December 4, 2017

How to Keep the Holiday Sales Surge from Eating You Alive

The holiday shopping season provides retailers with the chance to shine — and the potential to implode — as off-the-charts order volumes and rapidly evolving consumer habits stress test every aspect of an ecommerce operation. Some tips for making it through ecommerce’s busiest season.

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Race car speeding across the finish line
News & Media November 30, 2017

Signifyd’s Billion Dollar, Record-Breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday Demonstrates Guaranteed Fraud Protection is Ready for Prime Time

Nothing serves as a better reality check for ecommerce innovation than the holiday shopping season. Guaranteed Fraud Protection just demonstrated that it’s up to the task.

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Fraud November 29, 2017

Ebonyline Accelerates International Growth with Guaranteed Fraud Protection

With Guaranteed Fraud Protection in place, Ebonyline has continued to grow sales and expand their international markets without fraud losses. By eliminating manual order reviews, they’ve freed two employees to focus on better customer service and faster shipping.

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