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An Ulta Beauty storefront
Better Ecommerce July 11, 2018

How to Win at the Retail Beauty Game

When Ulta Beauty board member Cathy Halligan lays out the retailer’s keys to success, it sounds simple enough. But if it were easy, everybody would be succeeding. This brief video interview gets into some of the steps Ulta has taken on its way to becoming a retail darling.

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Better Ecommerce July 5, 2018

Beauty Industry Gets an Online Makeover

The retail beauty industry is moving at light speed — transforming in the face of globalization, the desire for personalization and ease of online commerce. Signifyd’s industry report takes a deep dive into the changes.

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a plane on the runway at sunset, signifying global expansion
Better Ecommerce June 28, 2018

Expanding Internationally Doesn’t Have to be Terrifying

If you’re a successful online merchant, you’ve got to love global markets, with their vast numbers of untapped consumers. But talk about the unknown. Customs, taxes, currency, language, different consumer preferences. Some thoughts on tackling international markets.

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Fraud June 26, 2018

Ecommerce Fraud is a Major Growth Industry Says ThreatMetrix

While ecommerce sales are growing rapidly, they’re not growing nearly as fast as ecommerce fraud, says digital identity company ThreatMetrix.

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Copy of photo from cover of Signifyd's "Risk & Reward: The Jewelry Industry's Digital Transformation"
Better Ecommerce June 21, 2018

Jewelry Retailers are Joining the Online Party

Online sales of jewelry and luxury watches is on fire, according to “Risk & Reward: The Jewelry Industry’s Digital Transformation, Signifyd’s in-depth look at the retail jewelry and luxury watch industry.

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Amazon Prime trailer can deliver the goods, just like Amazon's marketplace can. But are there downsides?
Better Ecommerce June 19, 2018

Amazon’s Marketplace: Friend or Foe?

No doubt the reach of Amazon’s marketplace is hard to resist for brands and retailers looking to reach consumers. But, it’s not all upside, says The Grommet CEO Jules Pieri. What to think about when it comes to selling on Amazon.

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Fraud June 19, 2018

StockWise Auto: From Humble Beginnings to Massive Scalability

Signifyd’s business model aligns with StockWise Auto. Both companies thrive off a very low profit margin. That’s why the pricing, the model, and the whole concept behind Signifyd has been a perfect fit for StockWise Auto.

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light bulbs hanging to represent retail innovatoin
Better Ecommerce June 14, 2018

Is Retail all About the Product?

Sure, some retail is struggling as a result of the “over retailing” of America. But there is more to it, says Jules Pieri, CEO of The Grommet. Retailer buyers have emulated some big players and in doing so have become married to playbooks that don’t include exploring innovative products and bringing the best ones into their stores.

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Fraud June 12, 2018

How to Pick a Fraud Protection Provider

When you desperately need ecommerce fraud protection is no time to start thinking about what you want in a fraud protection provider. Some thoughts on figuring out which fraud protection partner is best for your business.

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Better Ecommerce June 8, 2018

IRCE Takeaway: Buckle Up for a Bumpy Ride

Spending the better part of a week at IRCE is like being hit with a fire hose of information. We’re here to help — today and in the future.

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