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UPS and others will be under pressure to provide faster delivery
Better Ecommerce, Fraud March 6, 2018

Faster Delivery, Stronger Security are 2018 Ecommerce Priorities

Online ecommerce in 2018 will be marked by faster delivery times and stronger identity verification, experts say. As we move through the first quarter of 2018 it is apparent that retail trends this year will be a mix of the old and the new. Experts say an old standby — the need to speed up shipping — will be something retailers will continue to work…

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eTail West panel talks about the need for cultural change to bring on digital transformation.
Better Ecommerce March 1, 2018

Digital Transformation Requires a Cultural Shift Within Retail Organizations

Wisdom from eTail West: Retail’s digital transformation is about a reboot. Not a reboot of consumer culture. Consumers are already there. Now retailers need to overhaul their cultures in order to catch up with their customers.

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Woman ordering online over breakfast
News & Media February 27, 2018

Signifyd and Corra Team Up for Friction-Free Customer Experience and Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Signifyd and digital agency Corra announced a strategic partnership to provide memorable customer experiences powered by guaranteed fraud protection.

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News & Media February 27, 2018

Signifyd and Corra Team up to Provide Memorable Customer Experiences Coupled With Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Signifyd and digital agency Corra announced a strategic partnership that will provide ecommerce retailers with a powerful combination: Corra’s ability to provide elegant websites and memorable customer experiences and Signifyd’s machine-learning-driven guaranteed fraud protection.

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Signifyd Magento Europe
Fraud February 26, 2018

Signifyd Helps Magento Drive Global Commerce for Europe’s Leading Brands

Magento drives global commerce for Europe’s leading brands. Brands like Dyson, Helly Hansen and iRobot trust Magento to protect them, and Magento trusts Signifyd.

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Better Ecommerce February 26, 2018

Retailers’ Digital Transformation Requires New Thinking

Scott Langdoc, of Boston Retail Partners, understands how daunting building a genuine omnichannel strategy can be for merchants. But retailers don’t have to go it alone. There is a vast ecosystem of retail technology partners who can tackle specific challenges. Retailers just need to embrace the idea of turning to them for help. And then they need to figure out how to select the right ones.

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Old cash register was once the payment processor
Fraud February 21, 2018

What to Look For When Choosing a Payment Processor

One thing every online merchant learns pretty quickly is that a successful e-commerce operation relies on a network of partners to perform the digital ballet of presenting products, taking payment, filling orders and getting the goods to customers as quickly as possible — all while ensuring that no one is taking advantage of them. At the center of the action, from a business standpoint, are…

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Fraud February 15, 2018

Structube’s Global Expansion Begins at Home

Structube is growing fast and expanding globally. Signifyd helps Structube accept more orders while eliminating fraud losses and manual reviews.

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Woman ponders an online order: Is it legitimate or fraudulent? Guaranteed fraud protection can help the machine learn.
Fraud February 14, 2018

How Retailers Can Put the Positive in False Positives

Evolving technology requires evolving thinking for online merchants when it comes to false positives — or orders mistakenly declined for fear of fraud. The goal of modern fraud protection isn’t to eliminate all fraudulent orders, but rather to become better at differentiating between fraudulent and legitimate orders.

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diamond ring in a box, held by hands, jewelers selling high-value items face Valentine's Day fraud challenges
Fraud February 8, 2018

Valentine’s Day Ignites Passion for Innovative Online Fraud Protection

Many Valentine’s Day online orders are laden with red flags: first-time customers, high-value items, mismatched addresses. How can merchants keep up with the spike in orders and their increasing complexity. An innovative fraud protection model could be the answer.

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