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Better Ecommerce January 14, 2018

NRF’s Big Show: Why Are These Retailers Smiling?

Retailers are arriving at the National Retail Federation’s annual convention with an unusual spring in their steps. Despite the buzz of the “Retail Apocalypse,” there has been plenty of good news recently. And the explosion of retail tech could provide a bright future for those who play it smart.

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Big data for online commerce representation
Better Ecommerce January 11, 2018

Video: How to Use Post-Purchase Data to Fuel Success

Ecommerce is awash in data, but as the big data era grinds on, retailers are becoming much smarter about how they use it. Advances in data analytics and artificial intelligence have online merchants expanding the deployment of data. In this video, Banter Founder Joe Beninato talks about how to use ecommerce’s back-end data to inform the way products are presented to customers.

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Fraud January 9, 2018

Pot Sales Surge Calls for Ecommerce Fraud Vigilance

Merchants who sell marijuana paraphernalia online are likely to see a surge in orders now that California has legalized recreational pot. Increased orders are good, but they also call for increased vigilance in a retail sector that has seen a recent increase in fraud, according to Signifyd data.

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Data breach hacker typing on a keyboard
Fraud January 4, 2018

Are You Ready for Your Data Breach?

You can barely stop shaking your head over the tremendous size of one data breach before another eclipses it. Are you ready? Unfortunately, it seems like it’s a matter of when, not if. We have some recommendations from Experian and Digital Shadows to get you ready.

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Guaranteed fraud protection for ecommerce

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Better Ecommerce January 2, 2018

The Perfect Ecommerce Order

FitForCommerce’s Arthur McManus like to talk about the “perfect order.” Here’s how retailers are turning to technology to deliver the exact experience that their customers are looking for.

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Better Ecommerce December 28, 2017

Easing the Pain of Post-Holiday Ecommerce Returns

It’s time to brace amid the rush of gift-card recipients and what’s expected to be a volume of returns that will have sales floors and websites looking like the holiday rush in reverse. Some tips for turning the pain of return into profit.

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artist's representation of chatbots
Better Ecommerce December 26, 2017

How Chatbots Can Build Ecommerce Margins

Joe Beninato of Banter would like to cut through the chatbot hype with a story about how the smart bots can preserve retailers’ margins in a time when promotions and discounts are taking their toll.

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Fraud December 21, 2017

How Online Fraud Impacts Your Business

Guaranteed Fraud Protection brings economic benefits far beyond simply preventing online fraud. Shipping more orders and streamlining operations can bring a 3.8x ROI.

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Better Ecommerce December 19, 2017

Finding a Middle Ground in Ecommerce Debate Over Platform or Best of Breed

When it comes to deploying technology in ecommerce, is it better to take a suite approach or choose to combine a number of best of breed technologies?

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Better Ecommerce December 14, 2017

Free Shipping Day Provides Merchants an Opportunity — And a Test

Like the holiday shopping season itself, Shipping Day, Dec. 15 this year, presents a big opportunity — and a big challenge — for retailers and especially for the back end of their operations. If all goes as planned, orders will spike, bringing more revenue and the need for speed.

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