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State of UK Commerce Report 2021

Redefining experiences for a new wave of customers

State of UK Commerce Report 2021

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Key findings in the State of UK Commerce report 2021


Of total retail revenue in 2020 for the UK were from online stores.


Increase in ecommerce sales on Signifyd’s global Commerce Network across all sizes and verticals.


Of UK consumers surveyed by Signifyd said COVID-19 inspired them to try new ways of shopping that they are likely to stick with in the future.

We’ll always remember 2020 as the year that transformed ecommerce. Driven by lockdowns and the fear of shopping in stores, online sales skyrocketed. But a better framing might be to think of 2020 as the year that transformed shoppers. In the face of the pandemic, a whole new wave of consumers enthusiastically turned to online shopping.

Those new to online shopping had their own ideas about how to shop. Data from Signifyd’s Commerce Network shows they were different in significant ways from those who came before. They took to mobile faster. They were even more enthusiastic about click-and-collect. They were more likely to buy cross-border, based on 2020’s pre-Brexit data.

This report will delve deeper into how 2020 affected in-store and online shopping as well as how the year redefined customer experience for a new wave of customers.

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  • How retailers met customer demands with click-and-collect redefining omnichannel
  • Why and how retailers are optimistic for 2021 and beyond
  • Key trends and findings to help you capitalize on the new wave of shoppers

As a sleep tech company, continuous innovation is at our core. This applies not only to the products we build, but also to the way we run our business. Signifyd has become a key piece of our competitive advantage. When other companies are losing customers to bad CX and friction in the checkout process, we gain market share”