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About the on-demand webinar

How should retail professionals think about building a successful online enterprise?

Is it better to build or buy the software to run the operation?

What role does data play and how should a merchant put it to work?

No one is saying that building a successful ecommerce operation is easy. But the vision can be simplified. Dean Bowerman, one of the nation’s leading ecommerce professionals working for one of the country’s leading drugstore chains has broken the puzzle down to nine key pillars.

This session will consider:

  • How operations, customer service, analytics, user experience, site search, merchandising, development, fulfillment and marketing work together to ensure success.
  • How to get buy-in for digital commerce from key c-suite sponsors.
  • The proper role of data and the proper way to leverage the data you have.


Dean Bowerman

Dean Bowerman

Vice President of Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Rite Aid