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About the on-demand webinar

How can I identify instances of consumer abuse when it's not black and white?

Are there certain cases in which I should let abuse slide?

How exactly will my business be affected if I decide to bring the hammer down on abusive customers?

In this session, Signifyd unveils the latest innovation in its Commerce Protection Platform – The Decision Center. We discuss how this powerful new module tackles the tricky problem of consumer abuse by giving merchants full control over how abuse is defined and what fulfillment actions should be triggered when those definitions are met.

This session will cover:

  • How retailers can protect themselves from promotion abuse, reseller abuse, and account takeover
  • Methods for reviewing and identifying abusive trends
  • How to configure rules based on trends with Signifyd’s new module Decision Center
  • How you can publish and schedule rules to integrate with your workflows and take action against abuse immediately


Gayathri Somanath

Gayathri Somanath

Senior Director, Product Management
at Signifyd

Stefan Nandzik, VP of Marketing at Signifyd

Stefan Nandzik

VP of Product and Brand Marketing
at Signifyd