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About the on-demand webinar

During this webinar session, Signifyd’s fraud prevention experts explore a recent spike in four fraud tactics and share actionable strategies to help fraud and risk professionals enhance their fraud prevention efforts, protect the customer experience and future-proof their businesses against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Watch the on-demand webinar for insight into:

  • The nuanced address manipulation tactics used to circumvent defenses.
  • The role reshippers play in fraud, abuse and legitimate commerce.
  • The fraud MOs associated with account takeover and the variety of methods used to hijack customer accounts.
  • Why card testing is a surprisingly difficult type of attack to prevent and how to identify and prevent it.


Caleb Hanson, Director of Enterprise, Signifyd

Caleb Hanson

Director of Enterprise,

Vito Petruzzelli Senior Risk Analyst Signifyd

Vito Petruzzelli

Senior Risk Analyst

Watch the webinar