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About the on-demand webinar

New fraud for a new era: How fraudsters are changing targets, tactics and techniques in a quest to stay one step ahead of risk professionals

The constant cycle of evolving fraud schemes vs. advancing fraud prevention is accelerating like never before. As risk professionals scramble to stop the latest form of attack, fraudsters move on to the next new thing.

In this session, payments and fraud prevention veteran Tim Plotvin and retail expert Ryan Bermudez take attendees through the latest next-generation fraud vectors.

Using real-life examples, the two Signifyd customer success leaders lay out strategies for exposing the latest attacks while building the means and methods for anticipating the next threat.

Attendees will leave this session with a deeper understanding of the fraudster’s mindset, a clearer view of the broad range of potential attacks and a list of actionable steps to take to help future-proof their risk management operations.


Ryan Bermudez

Director of Customer Success — East

Tim Potvin

Director of Customer Success — West

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