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The best of Signifyd FLOW 2023: Learn from the leading voices in ecommerce. Watch on demand now

About the on-demand webinar

Fraudulent orders cost a lot more than just lost revenue. Forrester Consulting found that Signifyd helped five major retailers across different industries save substantial money on operations and gain millions in revenue by embracing our AI-powered fraud review.

Join Signifyd for this on-demand webinar with guest speakers Nick Ferrif from Forrester and Anthony Milano from Boardriders.

Ferrif demonstrates the ROI of frictionless customer experience in the fraud protection practice with data from the Forrester TEI study.

Milano shares his experience on why today's retailers are competing on the quality of their shopping experience and how important it is to remove any friction as there is zero tolerance from the buyer.


Nick Ferrif

Nick Ferrif

TEI Consultant, Forrester

Anthony Milano, VP E-Commerce, the Americas, Boardriders, Inc.

Anthony Milano

VP of Ecommerce, Boardriders

Watch the webinar on demand