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About the Conference

Revenue Protection | Abuse Prevention | Payments Compliance

GELF Oktoberfest speakers will deliver a mix of strategic insights and tactical cross-border to-dos about their global retail expansion practices.

Learn how to prioritize the key operational aspects of your global commerce plan and how to organize your team to execute them successfully.

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Together we’ll explore how to:

• Anticipate and prepare for disruptions to global supply and demand chains – and how digital commerce strategies and technologies can help your team seize opportunities and mitigate risks
• Succeed in today’s multi-platform world by working with leading cross-border ecommerce platforms and global distribution partners like Amazon, Walmart and Alibaba
• Balance incumbent traditional wholesale retail distribution models with emerging direct-to-consumer ecommerce opportunities
• Differentiate “only in China” innovations from other advances that can re-energize your omnichannel retail operations in the US and other key global markets

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Learn how you can optimize your revenue and increase customer lifetime value by eliminating friction in the buying process — all while protecting your business from fraud, customer abuse and chargebacks.

Fearless commerce is what we call it and we can’t wait to talk more about how it leads to success. Better yet, your time is valuable. Why not schedule a meeting with us at GELF Oktoberfest by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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