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About the on-demand webinar

Signifyd, the largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection for ecommerce, announced the launch of its newest product Chargeback Recovery. This product goes beyond fraud protection and enables retailers to streamline the review and representment process for non-fraud chargebacks.

Managing chargeback disputes with a CX-first approach is crucial in an industry that competes on providing top notch buying experiences to more and more digital native shoppers. While consumer abuse is on the raise merchants should not blindly fight all chargebacks, treating valued customers like criminals just because they filed a legit chargeback, for example if the order wasn't recognized as it was placed by another household member or the merchant name on the credit card statement was not clear to the buyer.

Signifyd now offers a managed service that investigates and resolves all chargebacks on the merchant's behalf and with that recovers lost revenue while protecting the buying experience for the legit buyers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn all the details.


J. Bennett

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy Operations

Gayathri Somanath

Group Product Manager

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