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About the on-demand webinar

Signifyd announced its newest product add-on – Signifyd INR Protection – allowing merchants to extend the coverage of Signifyd Guaranteed Fraud Protection™ to also include Item-Not-Received (INR) chargebacks. INR Protection includes Signifyd Chargeback Recovery™ to address any other chargeback types providing merchants with an end-to-end solution for chargeback prevention services.

While fraud fueled by cybercrime and data breaches needs to be intercepted by detecting stolen identities, managing other chargebacks requires a thorough triage to differentiate between valid disputes coming from legitimate buyers and those coming from abusive consumers. Each case then needs to be followed up appropriately – an extremely time-consuming and complicated process.

Signifyd’s first priority is to ensure that loyal customers are not negatively affected by overly aggressive chargeback dispute techniques, such as filing dispute cases for every chargeback with no questions asked. Signifyd leverages its industry-leading data network of thousands of merchants, supporting more than 250 million shoppers worldwide, and its advanced AI to identify how to best address every single chargeback in milliseconds. Legitimate customers are recognized and do not end up being treated like criminals.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn all the details.


J. Bennett

Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy Operations

Gayathri Somanath

Director of Product

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