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About the on-demand webinar

Fraud Protection | Abuse Prevention | Payments Optimization
Signifyd FLOW Virtual Happy Hour brings together like-minded thought leaders, local merchants, and members of the ecommerce community to collaborate and empower each other during this unprecedented time of COVID‑19.

  • Network with your local ecommerce community and connect with peers who understand your pain points.
  • Swap ideas, tips and best practices with other ecommerce leaders. Need help around growth strategy? Have a specific Chargeback management challenge? Chances are others do too. Discuss and offer your own perspectives!
  • Explore other 2020 strategies ranging from order fulfillment operations to revenue optimization, and business continuity. Ask questions and engage in the fireside chat. Be the first to learn about our new and upcoming updates.

The Virtual Meetup featured a live fireside chat with Brianna Burwell, vice president, finance at and Dana Schwartz, vice president, global direct to consumer and digital at KEEN.

Brianna and Dana provided a deep dive into the business changes they’ve had to implement during COVID-19, the impact of these decisions on sales and lastly, they shared tips on how to scale your business even in uncertain times.

Where/when: Virtually Anywhere, Any Time


Brianna Burwell

Vice President, Finance at

Dana Schwartz

Vice President, Global Direct to Consumer & Digital at KEEN

Kalina Bryant

Director, Customer Marketing at Signifyd

Watch the webinar and access Ecommerce Leaders community on Slack