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Demystifying The Latest Payment Token Type For Retailers, Brands, And Other Merchants

A merchant’s guide to understanding card-on-file payment tokens.

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Today's consumers use digital payment methods more than ever, and that trend is only expected to rise. In their “Predictions 2022: Payments” report, Forrester estimated that more than 80% of payments would be digitally processed by the end of 2022.

To elevate CX and drive growth, merchants need to provide shoppers with the option to purchase items with whichever payment method they prefer. That's why it's crucial for business leaders to familiarize themselves with the latest evolution of payment tokenization — card-on-file payment tokens also called "network tokens."

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  • How card-on-file payment tokens books payment acceptance for merchants
  • The anatomy of a card-on-file-payment token
  • How a device-based payment token (PTD) facilitates in-person NFC mobile payments
  • How a COF payment token facilitates COF payments