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Guarantee Email Notifications

Guarantee Email Notification Guide

Members of your Signifyd team can subscribe to receive real-time email notifications whenever Signifyd makes a guarantee decision on an order. These notifications provide members of your team with visibility to Signifyd’s guarantee decision without needing to access the Signifyd console.

Email Types

Emails are delivered whenever a key event occurs on your order within the Signifyd system. Currently, users can subscribe to receive an email when:

  • An order is guarantee approved
  • An order is guarantee declined

Note: re-reviews by Signifyd will result in a new guarantee decision, therefore, it will also trigger one of the email notifications above. No other events will trigger a guarantee email notification.

User Access

By default, when a new user is added to your team these guarantee email notifications are disabled. Email notifications can only be enabled by the subscribing user from the Notifications Setting of their Signifyd user account. Also, email notifications can only be delivered to the email address associated with the user’s Signifyd account.  

We require that users meet the following conditions to receive guarantee email notifications:

  • Have an active Signifyd account. If the user account is disabled by the team admin, the user will not have access to the Signifyd console or be permitted to enable or receive email notifications.  
  • Be a member of the team they want to receive email notifications for. Users can only subscribe to receive email notifications for teams they already have access to.

Disabling Receipt of Email Notifications

The admin of the team can disablet the receipt of guarantee email notifications by disabling the user’s account. Once the account has been disabled the user will no longer receive the notification emails.    

Email Data Elements

The email notifications contains a subset of information that is displayed in the Signifyd Case Console.  

  • Order Id – the id of the order as referenced by the e-commerce platform  
  • Order Date and Time – The date and time when the order was placed
  • Recipient Name – The full name of the person receiving the product
  • Products – The list of product names and product quantity purchased
  • Order Amount – The total price of the order, including shipping and tax
  • Team Name – The name of the Signifyd team that the order was created under
  • Signifyd Case URL – The URL of the case in the Signifyd console

Email Example

Approved Email

Declined Email


If you have questions about our guarantee email notifications, please reach out to our support team or your dedicated client services manager.