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INR Chargeback Protection — Chargeback Coverage Policy

Last updated: October 15, 2019

Eligible Chargeback Reason Codes

In addition to Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Signifyd pays back eligible chargebacks received on guaranteed orders when the dispute is reported with one of the following reasons, as specified below.

Note: Card processors may update their chargeback codes from time to time, which may not be fully reflected below. In case of code or category omission as reported by the card processor, Signifyd will determine in its sole discretion the eligibility of a submitted transaction for coverage under the Guaranteed Services.

Eligible Reason Codes and Categories

Reason Visa MasterCard American Express Discover
Merchandise/Services Not Received 13.1 55 C08 RG, 4755
Card Processor Categories
Braintree Product Not Received
Stripe Product Not Received
PayPal Item not received (chargeback)
Adyen Merchandise/Services Not Received
Shopify Product Not Received

Ineligible Chargeback Reason Codes

Chargebacks received as the result of processing error and/or buyer-seller disputes are classified as non-fraudulent/authorized purchases and therefore not eligible for coverage. These types of chargebacks are typically prevented through best practices or may be challenged by the merchant.

Ineligible Reason Codes and Categories

Reason Visa MasterCard American Express Discover
Item not as described or defective merchandise 13.3 53 C09, C31, C32 RM, 4553
Credit not processed 13.6 60 C01-C07
Declined authorization/Authorization not obtained 11.2 4808 A02 4752, 4754
Card Processor Categories
Braintree Significantly not as described, General
Stripe Product unacceptable, Credit not processed, Duplicate, Subscription cancelled, General
PayPal Significantly not as described, Credit not processed
Shopify Product unacceptable, Duplicate, General