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  • Integrate in minutes Your orders start flowing to SIGNIFYD.
  • Get notified We'll show you the fraudulent transactions.
  • You take action Decline or Let it slide. It's your decision.
  • Need Protection We’ll guarantee the payment for you.
Bigcommerce Fraud Solution

SIGNIFYD alleviates the need to go through every order which gives us time to focus on other aspects of our business” - Chris Michelson, Owner of Wholesale Fashion Shoes.

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Sync your store with SIGNIFYD in seconds.

Never miss a fraudulent order again! Get notified of risky orders via email. Login to your settings page to choose the number of alerts your require – from once a day to every time a risky order is found.


Setup alerts to get notified of risky orders

Installing SIGNIFYD takes less than a minute. We'll start syncing your existing orders right away, and new orders will be scored for risk in real-time going forward.

Login to the console to review orders

Don’t have the time or not sure what to make of all your orders? Don't worry. We sift through the pile and find the bad apples. Click through the email notifications or login to check out your queue.


Know more about your customers

Whether the order is good or bad, you’ll always want to know more about that customer. SIGNIFYD tells you everything about your customer – who the phone number belongs to, is it a mobile phone, their social network, the location of the IP address, who lives at the shipping and billing address, which country the credit card was issued, the age of the email account and much more…


Benefits Include

  • Increaserevenue by selling safely even into international markets
  • Eliminatechargebacks by detecting fraudulent orders before you ship
  • Reducethe amount of time you spend reviewing orders for fraud

Used by the best small and medium businesses

"This app has been a tremendous addition to our order processing workflow. With order-processing time growing - its hard to make time to check for fraudsters.

With SIGNIFYD, they completely automate it and do all the hard work for you. It feels like they deeply check each person and give you the tools you need to decide on your own, if you so choose.

Other services like this give you complicated data. SIGNIFYD makes it simple, yet they show you all the data that they use to back up their decision.

Not to mention, their customer service is awesome!"
Jordan Schau

Jordan Schau

CTO, Pure Fix Cycles

Pure Fix Cycles
"We sell high end jackets at Isaora and have experienced increasing levels of credit card fraud both domestic and international. Prior to SIGNIFYD, we did all of our research online using maps, search engines, social networks, whitepages and other sites. With SIGNIFYD, we are notified of a risky transaction almost instantly, so we can focus only on those transactions that need to be reviewed. The system is completely automated and their customer service is terrific.

If you are worried about Chargebacks, decline a lot of international transactions, or are spending too much time reviewing transactions, I'd highly recommend their service. We've used other fraud services before, but we've not seen anything as simple with all the rich information returned."
Ken Daniels

Ken Daniels

CFO, Isaora


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