How to Publish the Newsletter

Prior to production, the following will be completed

  1. Draft text is created by Mike in Google Drive and linked to the Kapost content item for this edition
  2. Stefan reviews and approves the content
  3. Sarah creates the hero image and provides the final version in Kapost

Production steps

  1. In Marketo > Marketing Activities > Campaigns > Nurturing > Better Ecommerce Newsletter, clone "yyyy-mm" to "Same Program," re-name for year and month of edition
  2. Review/Edit Poll Form, Poll and Poll - TYP
  3. Submit poll > Schedule tab > Activate the poll
  4. Edit Email
    • View Google Doc, copy
    • Paste into text-only editor, format to clean up, remove extra lines, ensure links are preceded by "Learn more" etc.
    • Get validated hero image, download to local, upload to WP Media Library
    • Open listed blog posts
    • Download images, edit to 275 x 156, upload to WP Media Library, copy full image URLs
    • In Marketo, edit "Email"
    • Work through template, replacing item images, text and URLs; copying from the text-only version leads to fewer formatting problems on paste
  5. Verify subject, "Better Ecommerce Newsletter"
  6. Edit Email > Email Settings > Update Preaheader text with first sentence or two from main body of email
  7. It's an optional good idea to Send Sample to yourself at this point, so you can test all the links and gather the shortened URLs for the next step
  8. Edit Email > Text - Use the text-only version copied from Google Doc and format like the one copied from Marketo in a previous step.
    • IMPORTANT: Must retain formatted unsubscribe link section at bottom
    • NICE TO HAVE: Replace the long URLs with Marketo-shortened ones; this means you need to do an initial "Send Sample" from Marketo, then copy the URLs from the sample email
  9. Test the email to yourself and any other interested stakeholders
    1. IMPORTANT: Make sure Sarah is looped in on tests
  10. Add Marketo email link to Kapost item and submit for review
  11. When all approved, click the main folder for the edition in Marketo, set the Schedule and Approve
  12. Review the email when it arrives on normal schedule