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October 2017

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Mike Cassidy
E-commerce can be a lonely road
Mike Cassidy

E-commerce is a fast-moving industry with pressure coming from all sides — competitors, market forces, investors, fickle fads and customers. There are answers out there — maybe too many. So many strategies, products, partners. 

We plan to make e-commerce less lonely. Through this new, monthly newsletter, we want to create a community of e-commerce practitioners who are curious, engaged, unafraid to call B.S. and willing to share both their triumphs and their failures.

We think of it as the Better E-commerce community. What's that exactly? You. Your ideas. Your questions. Your fears. Your war stories.

We'll do our part by bringing you stories that highlight the best thinking and practices in e-commerce. To kick things off we'll explore the notion that the customer experience doesn't stop at the buy button.

E-commerce is hard. We're here to help.


Dave Barrowman
Machine learning's role in e-commerce is just getting started
Dave Barrowman, VP of innovation at Skava, says the winners in e-commerce will embrace machine learning to do more — faster and cheaper. His vision for a machine-aided future was an AI highlight at 2017.
Michael Klein
Artificial intelligence doesn't stop with marketing in e-commerce
What does a marketing guy know about deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning in e-commerce operations? Plenty. Michael Klein, Adobe's director of industry strategy for retail, travel and CPG, talks about AI's growing role in powering the back end of e-commerce.
Ikea turns to a rabbit to salve post-purchase pain
Show of hands: Who has completely flipped out while assembling an exotically named piece of furniture from Ikea? How about we compare our distances in the hex-wrench throw? No worries. The Swedish home goods seller went out and bought you help: TaskRabbit.
Marc Lore
How to figure out which AI is best for your business
Marc Lore knows technology and commerce. The founder of and CEO of had advice for 2017 attendees about finding the right tech solutions from among the many. Sorry, it's not fool-proof, but check it out.


E-commerce as job creator 
Define killing. The argument that e-commerce is the death knell for retail isn't quite so, writes Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute. His analysis shows jobs are changing more than they are going away.
Fast? Free? Yes and yes
Consumers, by a wide margin, prefer free shipping to fast shipping, but surveys show that might be changing. Are we entering an era where fast and free is table stakes for winning over shoppers?
Webinar: Building the bottom line without selling more stuff  
Industry experts present a Forrester Consulting case study commissioned by Signifyd that tells the story of a major retailer that accelerated fulfillment and achieved a 3.8x ROI by deploying Guaranteed Fraud Protection.
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Signifyd, the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection, enables ecommerce retailers to provide friction-free buying experiences by shifting fraud liability away from merchants.

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