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March 2019

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Mike Cassidy
Retail’s technical advances require a human touch to succeed
Mike Cassidy

No question retail technology has been on fire for years now. Led by advances in artificial intelligence, the ability for omnichannel retailers to rely on innovation to build better customer experiences has grown exponentially.

But here’s the thing: Technology alone is not the answer. Consumers today are expecting — and in some cases demanding — more from their retail experiences. Successful retailers are meeting those consumers where they live — and shop — by understanding their preferences and by applying human intelligence to the buying experience.

Artificial intelligence can help guide retailers through sticky experience challenges like resolving chargebacks and it can help retailers build memorable experiences by pairing the right content with the right product — all while presenting that to consumers at the right time. But none of that is possible without a healthy dose of human intuition and experience.
Chargebacks have everything to do with customer experience
Few customer experiences are more fraught for retailers than working through a consumer’s chargeback claim. Here are a few ways to remove some of the stress.
The keys to engaging customers in 2019
Retail today is about so much more than the transaction. Learn from some of the best in the field what it takes to be relevant to consumers.
Digitally native retailers unlock customer love
Upstart digital-first retailers understand the fundamentals of customer love. The first step? Set your fear aside to avoid adding friction to the buying journey.
Brand experience helps retailers outflank Amazon
Going after Amazon is no way to go after Amazon. Retailers are better off creating a memorable brand experience of their own, says Episerver’s Ed Kennedy.
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Emerging digital natives are not the only ones reinventing furniture and home goods sales. — Retail Dive
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Maine startup Forager provides a vast network of local food sources. — NRF Stores
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Walmart CTO Jeremy King says the retailer is a tech company. Really. — CNBC
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