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Submitting a chargeback for reimbursement just got faster, easier, and better.

Enjoy an easier reimbursement process with a completely new visual design of our submission form, including help hints and quick guides in case you get stuck. Now when you submit a chargeback, we save your preferred reimbursement method, sparing you precious time. We also improved the experience with more options for reimbursement and increased security for attached documents.


What’s New with Submitting a Chargeback

Get reimbursed directly into your bank account.

We want merchants to have choice and convenience when it comes to getting reimbursed. You’ll notice now when submitting a claim, you have the option to be reimbursed via ACH, giving merchants flexibility in how they choose to be reimbursed. With our provided choice for  reimbursement you’ll get paid quickly. Setting up an account in is simple, just follow our guide to set up an account and start getting paid directly to your bank account.


Have your preferred reimbursement method saved automatically.

We know your time is precious that’s why when you select your preferred reimbursement method, we’ll remember it the next time you submit a chargeback. Saving you time so that you can focus on growing your business.


Securely attach additional chargeback documents using our document upload feature.

We take protecting our merchant’s data seriously. That’s why we’ve built a secure document upload feature that is PCI compliant, ensuring your sensitive data is always protected. If you need to provide us with additional chargeback documents to process your claim, you can simply attach the document securely and be confident that your sensitive data is protected.


Read the product manual to learn more about submitting a chargeback for reimbursement.

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