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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

How do I give my team access to Signifyd?

For team members other than the Store Administrator to access Signifyd through the BigCommerce admin panel, you will have to manually enable access for each team member that needs access.

*Please note the user must have a Signifyd account to use this feature. Please refer to our adding team members guide for instructions on how.

To grant access, navigate to Account Settings from the navigation bar. From there, click Users and Edit.

Select the User Role you would like to grant access to.

Then, scroll down to Single Click Apps and check Signifyd.

Click Save.

Now when the user logins into BigCommerce they will see Signifyd listed under Apps. Clicking on the Signifyd logo will take them to the Signifyd login page. Using their Signifyd username and password they can login and access the Signifyd console.

And that’s it. Note that you’ll have to repeat the process for each team member who should have access.