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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

What documents do I need to provide to get reimbursed?

If you receive a chargeback on an order that meets our coverage criteria, you’ll need to gather the following items to submit a reimbursement request:

  • Proof of shipment, usually in the form of a tracking number that can be verified online.
    • We also accept proof of delivery documentation from the shipping company or private delivery service, when combined with the order invoice. Please see Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) for further information.
  • A copy of the chargeback notice that contains the following information:
    • Chargeback amount, reason and current status
    • Order details, including order ID and date
    • Customer payment details
Sample Chargeback Documents

Most chargeback notices contain all the information we need to process your reimbursement, but in certain cases, you may need to grab information from multiple places.

Standard chargeback notice

Below is a sample chargeback notice that contains all the details we need to process your claim.

Standard Chargeback Document


Shopify doesn’t provide merchants with a single chargeback document that contains all of the information we require. To submit a reimbursement request, Shopify merchants will need to save and submit a copy of two documents:

  • The order's entire web page from within Shopify's admin panel (a .html or pdf file), and,
  • The chargeback response, accessible from within the order page (a .html or pdf file).

In order to collect the required information, Shopify merchants will need to locate and open the applicable order from the Shopify admin panel.

Once within the order page, save a copy of the entire order page. (This is the first document we need.)

Then, click Submit response in the chargeback information section. Save a copy of the page that appears. (This is the second document we need.)


Please be sure to attach both documents upon submission. Please ensure that the files include the chargeback information as requested above.


In order to submit a reimbursement request for a chargeback through PayPal, merchants will need to save and submit a copy of the chargeback notice from their Resolution Center.

To make a copy of this notice, navigate to the "Open Cases" area from the Resolution Center dropdown. From there, locate the applicable chargeback and click View. You should see a screen like the below that contains all of the information we need. Take a screenshot of this page to attach to your reimbursement request.

Note: If you want to submit a claim for a fraud-related chargeback you contested and lost, you'll need to grab the relevant chargeback information from two separate areas of the Resolution Center.

First, navigate to the "Closed Cases" section of the Resolution Center. Once you locate the relevant chargeback from the list, but before you open it, take a screenshot of the entire list. Then, open the chargeback and take a screenshot of the page. You should see a screen like the below. Be sure to attach both screenshots to your reimbursement request.

Once you've gathered the above items, you're ready to submit your request and get reimbursed. Learn how to submit a claim here.

If you've already submitted a request, and you'd like to attach additional documents to help our claims team, please do so within the console.