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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

How do I find specific orders?

You can find a specific order or orders in two ways, from the search box or using filters.

Search Box

Use the search box to find cases with specific order data. You can add as many search terms as you like. The queue will only show results that contain all the terms you entered. You may search for the following order data.

  1. cardholder name
  2. delivery recipient name
  3. order #
  4. confirmation email address
  5. purchase IP


Starting a fresh search

To start a fresh search, previous search terms must be removed. Delete the previous search terms using the x.



Various options are available from the filter pop-up box. When combined, they create more specific results. Note, when you use the Search box, all filters are ignored. To bring up the Filter & Sort Cases menu, click the filter icon.


Using Filters

The following filters are available.

  1. Status – current state of the case (Open, Closed, Scoring, All)
  2. Score – Signifyd’s 0-1000 risk score
  3. Team name – team associated with the case
  4. Date range – the interval in which the case was created

Using Sorting

The following types of sorting are available (ascending or descending).

  • Score – Signifyd’s 0-1000 risk score
  • Amount – the order dollar value
  • Date – the date when the case was created

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