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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

Why am I not receiving Signifyd Daily Email Alert notifications?

There are several reasons why you may not be receiving daily email alert notifications. Check the following possible causes.

  1. Your email alerts are not enabled. Open the Notifications page in your account to check your current settings.emailnotifications_203
  2. The messages are being routed to your spam or junk folders. Look for email messages being sent from going to your Signifyd account email address.
  3. You are checking the wrong email account.
  4. You can’t find the email message. Use your email client’s search box.

If you are still not receiving your email alert notifications, contact Signfyd via our support portal. Be sure to tell us if you have checked the above causes to help us troubleshoot your issue.

Have more questions? Contact us via our support portal.