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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

What do thumbs up and thumbs down mean?

Thumbs Up For Good Orders





When a case is flagged as good, our machine learning models will look to see if the case was scored as good by Signifyd too. If your decision matches our decision, then the algorithms will know they are on the right track. However, if we had scored the case as bad, then our algorithms will learn from this and improve upon the scoring in subsequent transactions.

Thumbs Down For Bad Orders





When a case is flagged as bad, the email address, Ip address and phone numbers are added to a suspicious list. The next time a transaction occurs with the same information either at your store or one of the thousands of stores in our network, it will be scored to include this past known bad history. Additionally, our machine learning algorithms will learn from this and improve the score the next time.

Undo Your Selection?

Changing your selection is as easy as reselecting the same icon a second time. The icon will return to an unselected state.

Therefore, all of our customers give the thumbs up/down for orders whenever possible. If you don’t take any action on the case at all, the algorithms will assume that the scoring was accurate and no changes will be made.

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