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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

How do I send missing Magento orders to Signifyd?

This feature is available in the Signifyd Magento Extension 3.13.0 and below.


To prevent sending duplicate orders to your Signifyd dashboard, give your orders time to display in your Signifyd dashboard and check that your order(s) is really missing before using this feature. Otherwise you may create duplicate orders which cannot be deleted from your Signifyd dashboard.

If you are on the Complete Plan where all of your orders are submitted for Guarantee and you create a duplicate order, you can cancel a Guarantee so as not to be charged.

Reasons to send an order to Signifyd.

  • Connectivity issues where orders did not get sent.
  • Phone and other manually created orders.

How to Send Orders to Signifyd

  • Go to Magento Admin --> Sales -> Orders.
  • Follow the numbered red arrows in the screenshot below to send your order to Signifyd. Note that you can send one or more orders at a time.reinstallmagento_263
  • Watch for a Success message at the top, left corner.3successmessagemagentogridsendsignifydorder_264
  • View your order in your Signifyd dashboard via the View link.4selectviewordermagentogridsendsignifydorder_265

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