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Why are Signifyd Scores not showing up in Magento?

If you’re reading this section, you’ve probably tried to setup the extension and gone through the advanced configuration guide, as well, and most likely the scores are not being updated correctly on your order grid.

Those who have used Magento for a few years know that it is a very quirky and complex system. Sometimes you may see the Signifyd score set to N/A. Here is what it will look like.


There can be several reasons why Signifyd scores are not showing up in the Magento Order Grid. This article helps you troubleshoot some of those problems.

1: Retrieve Signifyd Scores is set to NO


Make sure to set this to “Yes”.

2: Show Scores in Magento Order Grid is set to NO


Set Show Scores in Magento Order Grid to “Yes”

3: Webhook Configuration Incomplete

To update your webhook urls, follow steps under “Show scores in Magento Order Grid” of the following Magento tutorial.

4: Admin URL Was Changed

The admin URL is part a webhook’s URL that send your Signifyd case scores from your dashboard to your Magento order grid. When the admin URL is changed, your webhook URLs should be changed, as well. See the #3 above regarding webhooks.

After your webhook URLs have been updated, you may need to reinstall the Signifyd plugin to start receiving webhooks on the updated URL.

5: Auth Header is Stripped

Webhook response contains the the authorization headers which are used to authenticate the webhook and in some cases this gets stripped. To determine if Auth Header is being stripped by your server before being sent to the the Signifyd plugin, follow these steps.

Check Your Signifyd Log File

You can find your log file at /var/log/signifyd_connect.log file. Look for an entry with the following wording meaning that the webhook is reaching your server but the headers are being removed. You may also see not value for the request hash.

‘Valid Header Not Found: X-SIGNIFYD-SEC-HMAC-SHA256’.


API request hash:

Enable Mod Headers

Make sure that mod_headers is enabled, with this command.

  • sudo a2enmod headers

This change requires a server restart for it to take effect.

  • sudo apache2ctl restart


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