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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

Automated Fulfillment: Why is Signifyd not capturing payment on my orders?

If you have Shopify automated order fulfillment workflows enabled in your Signifyd settings, there are a few reasons why payment for an order in your Shopify store may not have been captured and the fulfillment status was not updated. It could be that:

  1. The order is currently in review and awaiting a decision. You can check the status of the order in the order timeline on the Shopify order page, or within the Signifyd console, to confirm.
  2. The order was declined for Guarantee, and you have the workflow Cancel Orders on Declined Guarantees toggled to the off position. With that workflow not enabled, whenever an order is declined for Guarantee, Signifyd does not update the fulfillment or payment status, but leaves it as the status that a new order appears as. 
  3. Your payment settings in Shopify are still set to Automatically capture payment for orders. In that case, Shopify would be automatically capturing payment for your orders when the order is placed, regardless of Signifyd’s Guarantee decision, and Signifyd would not be capturing payment. In order for automated order fulfillment to work correctly, you must update your payment settings in Shopify to Manually capture payment for orders. To learn how to do so, please visit our product manual for the Shopify app.