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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

Automated Fulfillment: How do I resubmit an order that Signifyd has cancelled?

If you have your Shopify auto-fulfillment settings triggered to Cancel Orders on Declined Guarantees, like in the image below, you are unable to resubmit an order for Guarantee once Signifyd has cancelled the order and voided the payment. (Note that once an order is cancelled and the payment is voided, it cannot be recovered.)

If you want to retain the option to resubmit an order that has been declined for Guarantee, go to your Signifyd settings page and toggle Cancel Orders on Declined Guarantees to the off position.

Note: if this is toggled off, when an order is declined for Guarantee in the future, Signifyd does not update the payment or order status, but leaves it as the status that a new order appears as. In other words, you’ll have to check the Shopify order page itself or the Signifyd console to see if an order has been declined for Guarantee, as no action will be triggered in Shopify.