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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

Why am I not receiving webhooks?

There could be several reasons why you are not receiving webhooks but the most common one is that the webhook URL is incorrect.



  1. Select theTEST button located next each webhook URL(s).
  2. Watch for a success or error message to display.
  3. For error messages, see the table below.

Webhook Test Error Messages

SSL/TLS configuration The certificate chain has issues.

SSL/TLS can be tricky to configure.

Use an SSL checker.

If you have issues with your certificate chain, a web search for “missing intermediate certificate” or “SSL which directory problem” will usually help you find the information you need to properly configure your server.

Note that many browsers will load web pages with invalid certificate chains, so testing the URL in a browser is not sufficient.

Connection refused posting webhook Invalid response back from the test webhook post.

Possible Reasons for Error

  • Most likely the URL configured is incorrect and we were not able to send webhook to a valid address.
  • Firewall issues prevented the test webhook from getting to your server or the response to be sent back to us correctly.
  • Check webhook url.
  • Check firewall.
Your server returned an error response code (STATUS_CODE) Your web server received the test Webhook from us, but experienced some kind of error trying to process the data.

Possible reasons for Error

  • Problem with caches. Try disabling any caching plugins and see if that solves the problem.
  • Code bugs. e.g. Listening for incorrect method or errors while processing the post body.
Check the status code to understand the type of problem your server might have encountered.

Getting Help

If you are still getting error messages when testing webhooks, contact our Support Department via our support portal. Be sure to send the following information.

  • Team Name
  • Steps you took
  • Error messages you received

Have more questions? Contact us via our support portal.