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Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

How do I set up webhooks to put orders on hold?

Setup Your Webhook

Follow this link to learn how to easily and quickly set up your webhooks. When you are done, return to this page and go to the next step.

How do I create a webhook?

Get The Score

  1. We’ll send you a standard JSON object which looks like the following code.
      "analysisUrl": "",
      "entriesUrl": "",
      "notesUrl": "",
      "orderUrl": "",
      "status": "DISMISSED",
      "uuid": "709b9107-eda0-4cdd-bdac-a82f51a8a3f3",
      "headline": "John Smith",
      "reviewDisposition": null,
      "associatedTeam": {
        "teamName": "anyTeam",
        "teamId": 26,
        "getAutoDismiss": true,
        "getTeamDismissalDays": 2
      "orderId": "19418",
      "orderDate": "2013-06-17T06:20:47-0700",
      "orderAmount": 365.99,
      "createdAt": "2013-11-05T14:23:26-0800",
      "updatedAt": "2013-11-05T14:23:26-0800",
      "adjustedScore": 262.6666666666667,
      "investigationId": 1,
      "score": 262.6666666666667,
      "caseId": 1
  2. You’ll need to write a script in that URL to extract this file adjustedScore : 262.6666666666667.

Release The Order

A score of < 500 is recommended to place order on hold.

Score Color Value
score >= 500 Green ACCEPT
300 <= score < 500 Yellow REVIEW
score <= 300 Red DECLINE

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