Answers to the most common questions about the Signifyd platform.

How do I share my cases with other people in my company?

Teams are how cases can be shared with others in the Signifyd app. Every case in Signifyd is assigned to a team. If you have cases in your account, then you already have a team. You just need to find it and add members to it share the cases.

You can find your teams by navigating to Teams under the Settings in your account.

How do I add a team member?

How do I add a new team?

  1. SelectTeams on the Left.1teamspage_300
  2. Select the Add New button at the page top.2addnew_301
  3. Enter a team name into the Team field then select the Green check box to save it.3createname-1_302
  4. Your new team’s name will instantly display.3createname-1_303
  5. To find all of your teams select the Team drop down menu at the top Right.5teamdropdown-1_304

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