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Device Fingerprint

Fraudsters often change or mask the information they use when purchasing to pass as a legitimate order. Device fingerprinting allows us to counteract fraud abuse by analyzing hundreds of device and browser data points to uniquely identify and track devices that transact on your site. This allows us to quickly identify and block known bad devices, allowing legitimate orders and customers through. And with over 10 billion tracked devices in our network, we are able to provide superior decision accuracy and fraud protection.

How to add device fingerprint to your store

Using the Signifyd app on Shopify and BigCommerce?

  • Shopify – Installing the Signifyd Shopify app automatically adds device fingerprinting to your store. No additional steps are required.
  • BigCommerce – Add device fingerprint to your store in 3 easy steps. Read our guide to learn how.

On another platform or have a custom integration?
For other platforms and custom integrations, refer to our implementation guide to learn how to add device fingerprint.