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Product Manual

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Authorize.Net Integration

Signifyd supports deep integration with Authorize.Net for enhanced fraud screening of Authorize.Net processed transactions. Signifyd merchants using will benefit greatly by linking their Signifyd account to Authorize.Net, allowing Signifyd to include critical card result code information for each processed transaction within its fraud processing and guarantee decision. Signifyd’s Authorize.Net integration only provides result codes for the AVS and CVV checks performed by Authorize.Net. Signifyd does not have access to any sensitive card information including card number or CVV.

In this guide, we will cover the following:

Generate a Transaction Key from Authorize.Net

To securely integrate your Signifyd account with your Authorize.Net account, you must configure your Authorize.Net provided API Login ID and Transaction Key. Your API Login ID and Transaction Key are unique pieces of information specifically associated with your payment gateway account. However, the API Login ID and Transaction Key are NOT used for logging into the Merchant Interface. These two values are only required when setting up an API connection to the payment gateway. They are used by the payment gateway to authenticate that you are authorized to submit Web site transactions. Transactions that cannot be authenticated by the payment gateway using these values are rejected.

If you already know your current Transaction Key, you may skip this section.

Note: This section will cover how to generate a new Authorize.Net Transaction Key, which will REPLACE your existing Transaction Key. If you generate a new Transaction Key, you will need to update this value in all existing Websites currently using the existing Transaction Key, including your eCommerce platform. Failure to update this value within your eCommerce platform, may result in failed Credit Card transactions.
1. Log into your Authorize.Net account.
2. After logging into your Authorize.Net account, click Account.


3. Verify your Payment Gateway account is enabled for the Transaction Details API feature. You can verify or enable this by clicking Transaction Details API link under the Security Settings section.


4. Now you can get your API Login ID and generate a Transaction Key by clicking on the API Credentials & Keys link, also in the same Security Settings section.


5. On the screen that opens, please record your API Login ID.


6. On the same screen, follow the instructions to generate a new Transaction Key. Once generated, please record your Transaction Key.

Note: If the option to disable old key is not checked, you have 24 hours to update any existing systems using the old key with the new value. Please be sure to update your eCommerce Platform with the updated value to prevent failed credit card transactions.

Enable the Authorize.Net Integration

Once you have obtained your Authorize.Net API Login ID and Transaction Key, you will need to configure these values into your Signifyd Account Integration Settings.

  1. Log into your Signifyd Console account.
  2. Once logged in, click <your name> and then Settings in the upper right corner.
  3. This will bring up the various Settings sections. In the left side navigation panel, click Integrations. This will show a list of Payment Gateways currently deeply integrated with Signifyd. Locate Authorize.Net in the list of Payment Gateways.
  4. If not already done, click the slider to the right to enable Authorize.Net. This will show the field settings to configure.
  5. Configure the integration from your Signifyd Settings by going to the integration section and selecting ‘enable integration’


6. You will then be prompted to enter the API Login Id and Transaction Key information.


7. After submitting you can verify if the credentials are correctly configured. If you see ‘Successfully Verified’ message as shown below, the integration is complete. If not, reach our to our support team and we can investigate further.


Congratulations! This should now enable Signifyd to include Authorize.Net AVS and CVV result codes with your order scoring and guarantee decisions.