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Product Manual

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BigCommerce July 2019 App Update

The July 2019 BigCommerce app update on the Signifyd platform is now available.

The update allows you to keep up with your customers’ retail needs and improve your fraud protection performance with a seamless installation through the BigCommerce app marketplace. No other changes will be made to your store when updating the app.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions like:

  • What is the benefit of this update? Signifyd is able to collect over a dozen more data points about each order to help improve fraud detection.
  • Why does Signifyd need permission to “view and create order transactions?” Signifyd needs access to transactions to collect information related to the payment method and instrument used, e.g. AVS response codes, CVV responses codes, bin, payment method, etc. for fraud detection. You can view the entire list of transaction-related fields Signifyd has access to here. Note: Signifyd will not have access to the full credit card number or any PCI-sensitive information.
  • What will this impact if I upgrade? This update only allows Signifyd to collect a richer set of data for each order for fraud review. No additional changes to your store will be made. Any pre-configured settings like auto-fulfillment or device fingerprint will remain unchanged when updating the app.
  • What other data does Signifyd have access to? Signifyd only collects information for the purpose of fraud detection. By installing the app you are providing Signifyd with access to the following resources on your BigCommerce store:
    Resource Access
    Customers Read
    Orders Read and Write
    Products Read
    Store Read
    Transactions Read and Write
  • Who do I contact if I have questions or issues? If you have any questions or issues you can contact our support team here.