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Product Manual

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Leaving a note

You have the ability to leave notes in SIGNIFYD for a particular case for your own records. While notes cannot be exported from SIGNIFYD, they can be viewed by anyone logged into the merchant account who is looking at that particular case.

When including extra information such as photos for Guarantee resubmits, merchants are advised to use the attach files link in the notes. Merchants can click on the attach files link on the notes to upload information.

Notes from Guarantee analysts

When a case in Signifyd is declined for Guarantee, SIGNIFYD will leave in the notes the reason for decline. Merchants can find the reason for SIGNIFYD’s decline in the notes section of SIGNIFYD. If merchants want more insight into the decline of the guarantee, they can either resubmit the order for Guarantee or reach out to our support team for help.

Notes to Guarantee analysts

When a merchant has feedback to leave on a case for a SIGNIFYD fraud analyst, the merchant must leave that feedback in the notes section of the case being reviewed for Guarantee. Any feedback sent to SIGNIFYD or its employees outside of the notes will not and can not be considered during the analysis of the case for Guarantee.