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Product Manual

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Payment Information


Payment information is an important data point in every case in SIGNIFYD. If a consumer paid for their order with PayPal or with a credit card is a data point that SIGNIFYD will consider. Depending on the level of integration that a merchant has with SIGNIFYD, a SIGNIFYD case will or will not have payment information.

Types of Orders

Web Order

For orders place over the internet, SIGNIFYD will display a globe indicating that the merchant recieved the order through the internet.

Phone Order

For orders placed over the phone, SIGNIFYD will display a phone indicating that the merchant recieved the order over the phone.

Payment type

SIGNIFYD displays several payment types in the console. When a customer places an order on a merchant's website, most often they are given a few different payment options. SIGNIFYD currently displays the top three payment options inside the SIGNIFYD case to show the merchant how the consumer made the purchase.


When a customer makes a purchase using PayPal, SIGNIFYD will display the PayPal logo in the payment section.

Amazon Payment

When a user makes a payment via Amazon Payment, or uses Amazon as their payment source, SIGNIFYD will display the Amazon Payment type in SIGNIFYD. Like PayPal verified purchases, customers who make a purchase via Amazon and fall within Amazon’s terms and conditions are able to utilize the Amazon Seller Protection.

Credit/Debit card

The vast majority of customers on the web make purchases online using a credit or debit card. SIGNIFYD will display in the payment type the type of card used and if the card used is debit or credit.


SIGNIFYD will display the AVS and CVV response codes alongside the Bank Information Number.


AVS stands for Address Verification System. When a consumer places an order online and uses a credit or debit card to make a purchase, they must enter their billing address. When the consumer clicks buy, the billing address from the checkout will be matched to what the bank has on file.


CVV stands for Card Verification Value. When a consumer places an order online they need to enter the three or four digit code on their card to verify to the merchant that at the time of purchase they had the card physically on hand. While the credit card number is stored by the online checkout after the sale for records, the CVV is never saved after the transaction is over for security reasons.


BIN, which stands for Bank Information Number, is represented by the Number in the payment information section. The BIN lets SIGNIFYD know if the card is debit or credit as well as verifying what country the card is issued from.

Order Price

The SIGNIFYD price listed in the SIGNIFYD console represents final transaction amount of the purchase, including taxes and shipping. All major currencies are supported by SIGNIFYD.