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Product Manual

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User Roles


An owner has full rights and privileges within the SIGNIFYD merchant account. The user who sets up the merchant account is labelled owner by default. (In other words, upon creation of a SIGNIFYD merchant account, the user will automatically be added to the merchant account as the owner.) Once an owner has created a merchant account, they may add new users and specify the level of access for each one.


An admin has all the same privileges as an owner with the exception of changing status to Owner.


A member has all the same privileges as an owner and an admin with the exception of inviting and deleting users to SIGNIFYD, viewing the billing section and viewing the reporting dashboard. Members are also not able to change the status of other users.

How to invite others to join a SIGNIFYD account

To invite a user to your team, type in the email address your wish to add in the team invite box and click Send. The user will receive an email inviting them to the team and requesting that they make a username and password. Once they have made their username and password, they will be able to log into SIGNIFYD and have access to the merchant account and any teams they have been added to.