Product Manual

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Netsuite Integration

Signifyd’s Netsuite integration is a turn-key solution that enables merchants using Netsuite’s Order Management, ERP, or Commerce Cloud to receive chargeback protection on orders.

With the Netsuite integration, you can reduce implementation costs and accelerate your time to value without IT resources in an enterprise fully hosted cloud environment powered by Dell Boomi.


  • Automatically send orders to Signifyd for chargeback protection - When a customer places an order in your Netsuite store or an order is created in your Netsuite order management system, Signifyd automatically reviews the order and tells you whether to ship it or not.
  • Configure order workflows based on Signifyd’s guarantee decision - Save time and resources by automating your back office based on Signifyd’s decision, automatically shipping good orders and canceling fraudulent ones. Easily configure workflows to automatically process orders based on your fulfillment process
  • Sync Signifyd Guarantee Status and Score to your system - Sync key information related to Signifyd's review of your order enabling your team to quickly request a re-review or submit for reimbursement.
  • Never pay for orders you don't ship - If an order is canceled in Netsuite cancel the guarantee in Signifyd so that you only pay for orders you ship.

Getting Started

1. Reach out to Signifyd.

Contact us to sign up with Signifyd and set up your Signifyd account. Once onboarded, you’ll receive your API key and work with our implementation team to get started with the integration. Download the Signifyd connector

2. Start implementation.

You will work with our team and parterns to implement the solution into your existing order commerce flow.

3. Configure your workflows.

We'll work with you to define your data mappings and configure workflows based on our guarantee decision.

4. Test your integration.

Use our test sandbox and provided test cases to thoroughly test your integration before going live.

5. Go live!