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Product Manual

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Onboarding Guide


As part of our merchant onboarding process, Signifyd will assign you an Implementation Manager (IM) to help assist and guide your development team through the implementation steps to integration with the Signifyd solution.

Your IM will be experienced in the relevant ecommerce technologies and order workflows that are specific to your business. Your I.M. will provide assistance to your development team as well as guidance to your business teams, making recommendations to ensure your launch is successful.

Onboarding Flow


This document will provide a brief summary of the five primary steps involved in integrating Signifyd’s Fraud Management Service into your ecommerce order flow: from kick off, through integration testing and burn-in, then concluding with end-user training and ‘Go Live’.

This ‘Onboarding Overview’ is summarized in a helpful timeline diagram which can be found here.

Onboarding Steps

Although there may be some crossover throughout these phases, most implementations will consist of the following five steps:

1. Kick Off

Purpose: This initial conversation ensures continuity and a ‘warm handoff’ from the sales process to the implementation process. Coming out of the call, all participants will have a clear understanding of your current Business, eCommerce and IT priorities, and the lead stakeholders will lay the foundation for an initial timeline for your integration. Business objectives, eCommerce and order flow implications, risk analysis and historical orders will all be discussed.

Participants: Merchant’s Business and Development Teams. Signifyd’s IM and Sales Team.

Prerequisites: Be prepared to discuss your business objectives and goals, your current end-to-end order flow and any other environmental systems or issues that pertain to your order processing.

2. Integration and Workflow Testing in a Staging Environment

Purpose: After kick off, your development team will use your ecommerce staging environment to submit test orders into a Team within the Signifyd console.

Participants: Merchant’s Development Team and Signifyd’s IM.

Duration Estimate: 1 - 6 weeks.

3. Passive monitoring Risk Assessment during “Burn-In”

Purpose: During this stage, we ensure that all data fields from staging are available in production, cases are successfully ingested, Signifyd’s decisions are being received correctly and all workflows are functioning properly. This Production burn-in period allows final data exchange, two-way communication and proper order flow across the Merchant’s entire ecommerce ecosystem before the cutover and ‘Go Live’ date.

Participants: Merchant’s Development Team and Signifyd’s IM. Your Project Manager will also be involved in the event that there are business processes that impact the data Signifyd receives.

Duration Estimate: 1 - 2 weeks

4. End-User Training

Purpose: We want to make sure that your team is trained on our system, which is best accomplished when you’re looking at real data. This training covers all of the Signifyd technology, the Signifyd console, and interfaces and addresses the needs of: Administrators, Order Review agents and the Finance group.

At the start of this stage, the Signifyd IM will introduce the Merchant to their long-term Client Services Manager within our broader Customer Success department.

Topics can include:

  • Signifyd’s reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • The chargeback reimbursement process
  • Administration tools, settings and best practices
  • Storefront management and billing

Participants: Merchant’s Ecommerce Team, Signifyd’s IM and Signifyd’s Client Services Manager (CSM).

Duration Estimate: 60-90 minutes.

5. Go Live and Early Adoption

Purpose: Cutover and ‘Go Live’ is when Signifyd’s platform begins the live fraud assessment and decisioning of your orders, as well as assuming the liability for any of our ‘Approved’ decisions. This stage ensures that order fulfillment is proceeding as expected and all day-to-day uses of the Signifyd platform and console are going smoothly for all of your staff.

Participants: Merchant’s Ecommerce Team, Manual Review/Fraud Team and Finance Team. Signifyd’s IM.

Duration Estimate: 60-90 days.