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Product Manual

Your one-stop shop for the details of everything related to our solution.

Installing the Salesforce Commerce Cloud app

Signifyd’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration enables merchants on Salesforce Commerce Cloud to integrate with Signifyd quickly.

Get started now by following our quick guide. 

Create a Signifyd account.

Contact us to set up your Signifyd account. Once onboarded, you’ll receive your API key, which is required to set up the Signifyd Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration.  

Download the Signifyd integration.

Download our integration from the Commerce Cloud Partner Marketplace.

Start integrating.

Once you've downloaded the integration, follow the provided installation instructions to begin integrating Signifyd into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store.

Update your payment flow.

Be sure to update your payment flow so that we receive payment data for every order.

Test your integration.

Use our test sandbox and provided test cases to thoroughly test your integration before going live.

Go live!