Product Manual

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Guarantee Payments

Overview of Signifyd Guarantee


How Signifyd's 100% financial guarantee protects you on approved orders, how to submit orders for guarantee. How to re-submit or cancel an order, reimbursement, and a look at what order statuses mean. Read More »



Learn more about Signifyd reimbursement, including what to submit, how to submit it, and how to upload additional documents about a chargeback. Read More »



Representment is the process by which a chargeback is disputed, offering an opportunity to prove the chargeback wasn't warranted and get back funds that rightfully belong to the merchant. Learn more about Signifyd's Representment Policy, what "friendly fraud" is, and why make a challenge. Then learn how the process works, what documents are needed, and how we share, and when we may need limited access to your platform to collect information needed to make a good case. Read More »


Resubmit for Guarantee

We usually get it right, but if you think we made a mistake in declining an order, you can resubmit for another review. Learn more about when to resubmit, and how, including what additional information may help with the decision. Read More »