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Product Manual

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Signifyd’s financial guarantee protects online retailers in case of chargebacks allowing businesses to increase sales and open new markets while reducing risk.

We will review your order and tell you whether to ship it or not. We back our decisions with chargeback protection (through a 100% financial guarantee) so you can focus on growing your business with zero fraud liability.

We assume liability for the decision, guaranteeing a merchant the revenue from the order regardless of whether or not a chargeback is filed on the order. If a chargeback is filed on a decision we guaranteed, we'll pay it.

Re-Submission of Guarantees

If you believe we’ve made an error in our decision to decline an order, you have the option of resubmitting the order and we’ll review it again. Learn more about resubmitting guarantees.

Chargeback Reimbursement

If you receive a chargeback on an order that we Guarantee, you can submit your chargeback for reimbursement. Learn more about reimbursement.

Canceling a Guarantee

Merchants can cancel a Guarantee within Signifyd when orders on their end are cancelled, if they don’t wish to be charged for Guarantees on those orders. (Please note that you must cancel Guarantees within 30 days of the original Guarantee date.)

To cancel a Guarantee, merchants must log into the Signifyd dashboard, select the appropriate case, and click the Cancel Guarantee Request icon from the navigation panel.

Note: the Cancel Guarantee Request icon for Guarantee will only be visible after a guarantee decision has been made.

Merchants are not able to re-submit orders for Guarantee after they have cancelled. Merchants who accidentally cancel the wrong order for Guarantee and need the order submitted for Guarantee again must contact our support team to reset the Guarantee status.

Guarantee Status

SIGNIFYD provides 6 Guarantee statuses.

  • Approved: Orders that Signifyd reccomends to ship. These orders are elgible for reimbursement if the order results in a fraudulent chargeback.
  • Pending: Orders that have been submitted for Guarantee but are awaiting a final Guarantee decision by SIGNIFYD.
  • Declined: Orders that were deemed too risky or fraudulent for SIGNIFYD to Guarantee, and while a merchant can resubmit orders declined for guarantee for re-review, SIGNIFYD often recommends merchants cancel orders that have been declined.
  • In Review: Orders that are currently being reviewed by SIGNIFYD’s fraud analysts are labeled In Review.
  • Unrequested: For merchants who do not submit orders for Guarantee, all their orders would remain in an Unrequested status.
  • Canceled: Merchants who no longer need an order Guaranteed can choose to cancel an order for Guarantee. You will be not charged for a canceled Guarantee.