Shopify Access for Chargeback Representment

In order to facilitate our chargeback representment service for Shopify, we will need you to provide the Signifyd investigations team with access to your Shopify portal, so that we can automatically collect the relevant information and submit the representment documents on your behalf.

How To Share Access

You can share access with our team by creating a Shopify staff account with limited permissions for See Shopify’s “Adding and removing staff accounts” page for instructions:

1. From your Shopify admin page, go to Settings > Account.

2. In the Staff accounts section of Accounts and permissions, click Add staff account.

3. Enter the following:

  • First Name: Signifyd
  • Last Name: Chargebacks
  • Email:

4. Uncheck the box labeled “This staff account will have full permissions.”

5. Check the following boxes: Orders, Products, Customers and Settings. Uncheck everything else.

6. Click Send Invite.

And that’s all. Once we have access to your Shopify portal, we can start challenging chargebacks on your behalf within two weeks.