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Business continuity
through COVID-19

Instantly adapt to workplace disruptions and unexpected shifts in demand. Ship more orders to those who need them.

Business continuity through COVID‑19

Instantly adapt to workplace disruptions and unexpected shifts in shopper demand. Ship more orders to those who need them.

With the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many ecommerce retailers are fighting a three-front war across massive volume swings, adapting operations for remote work and heightened fraud pressure. That complex battle presents new and unique risks, and business continuity is especially challenging for retailers relying on manual order flow and fraud review processes.

  1. Managing remote order review agents often means reduced productivity and throughput. When order review can’t move in lockstep with incoming orders, the downstream impact is profound: low approval rates, increased fraud, poor customer experience and ultimately, a massive hit to revenue.
  2. Order review agents may not be equipped to view order data and shopper personally identifiable information (PII) from home offices, introducing data‑breach risk and compliance exposure.
  3. Finally, fraudsters see opportunity in the business disruption and operational turmoil the ecommerce ecosystem is navigating. No rigid, manual rule set can keep pace to keep them out in our rapidly changing environment.

Signifyd ensures order automation and business continuity, without risk

Dynamic review capacity

Dynamic review capacity leverages artificial intelligence to adapt to changes in demand automatically and ensure orders are never held up by manual fraud review. Automated order review also eliminates the data breach and compliance risk of exposing shopper PII to remote agents.

Protection that starts today

Out-of-the-box integrations and speedy deployment options provide immediate Ecommerce Fraud Protection for merchants currently experiencing business disruption. We can even provide our Business Continuity Package without executing a technical integration.

Intelligent analysis

Signifyd’s self-learning systems respond to the constant evolution of fraud and consumer behavior in turbulent times to accurately identify bad orders and see to it that legitimate orders are shipped. The combination of our machine learning backend and our Commerce Network, with real‑time data from thousands of merchants globally, adapts to this environment far faster than a traditional rule set.


100% guaranteed decisions

Signifyd’s complete financial guarantee ensures that liability for fraud is absorbed by Signifyd, so merchants can feel confident opening up the conversion funnel at any point in time.

The Signifyd COVID‑19 Business Continuity Package

Customer Compassion is our most celebrated core value at Signifyd. We are all navigating an unprecedented crisis together and we are here to support you. For the duration of the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering the following package to new clients:

Free access to our Agent Console and all transaction risk scoring services, which are best in class courtesy of the massive scale of the Signifyd Commerce Network. Legacy scoring providers charge handsomely for these services. In this unprecedented environment, we will absorb that cost to support you.

Free access to our Insights Dashboard, which includes real-time analytics of ecommerce trends and benchmarking data across our merchant network.

Only pay for orders you would have sent to manual review. We will maximize the approval rate on those orders and take liability for any downstream chargebacks.

In addition to our pre-built integrations noted above, we can even provide our Business Continuity Package without executing a technical integration. Contact us for details

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