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The State of Fraud report 2023

Based on an analysis of data from Signifyd’s Commerce Network of thousands of retailers, this report explores emerging fraud trends and provides actionable insights for retailers planning their response to the new — and increasingly treacherous — fraudsters of 2023.

2023 will be a year of unprecedented innovation in the field of online fraud. A series of events have converged to provide heightened inspiration to professional fraudsters and to everyday consumers wrestling with tight budgets and desires that outstrip their means.

Download the report to stay ahead of the curve on fraud trends and protecting revenue.

In this report, retailers will learn about:

  • The total cost of fraud
  • Fraud pressure by vertical
  • New and more diabolical account takeover methods being used by fraudsters
  • The new fraud ring that wreaked havoc on the holiday season
  • The rise in consumer abuse that is squeezing retailers’ margins
  • The fraud team’s strategic focus on revenue optimization