Signifyd Acceptable Use

Last updated: August 1, 2017

This Acceptable Use Policy describes certain restrictions on your use of the Service. Unless separately defined in this Acceptable Use Policy, all capitalized terms used in this policy have the meanings set forth in Signifyd’s Terms of Service (located at or, if applicable, the separately-executed agreement between you and Signifyd for use of the Service.


Subscriber will comply with all applicable laws when using the Service and any Content.  Further, except as may be permitted expressly by applicable law or authorized by Signifyd in advance in writing, Subscriber will not, and will not permit anyone else to:

  • record, pre-fetch, store, copy, cache, modify, distribute, publicly display, offer, license, resell, distribute, publish, transmit, or otherwise provide access to any of the Content, or merge, compile, or collect any Content as part of a database or other work, or use any Content to update any existing database or other work;
  • rent, lease, offer, sell, or sublicense the Service or any Content, in whole or in part, or any access thereto, to another person or use the Service or any Content to provide any service, information, or content to a third party;
  • use the Service or the Content for any purpose except for Subscriber’s own internal business use as expressly authorized in Section 2.1, or otherwise commercially exploit the Service or the Content;
  • attempt to recreate any of the Content or use the Content to reverse engineer partial or incomplete telephone numbers;
  • circumvent or disable any digital rights management, usage rules, or other security features of the Service or any Content;
  • use the Service in a manner that threatens the integrity, performance, or availability of the Service or any third-party software, systems, networks, or services;
  • reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or in any way attempt to derive the source code of the Service, except as may be permitted expressly by applicable law;
  • remove, alter, or obscure any proprietary notices (including copyright notices) on any portion of the Service or Content;
  • use the Service or any Content in any manner as a factor in establishing an individual’s creditworthiness or to determine any consumer’s eligibility for credit, insurance, or employment;
  • use the Service or any Content for any marketing or promotional purposes (including to contact any persons or entities using any Content);
  • publicly disseminate information or analysis regarding the performance of the Service;
  • use the Service to violate any third-party right or in violation of any applicable law, rule regulation, or order of any governmental authority;
  • use the Service or any Content in connection with an application that provides a calling party name for display on a device receiving a call by automatically comparing the calling telephone number with the Content (the foregoing does not prohibit use of the Content in connection with an application that allows reverse phone lookups);
  • make the Content available for file download online in a fixed page format;
  • use the Service or Content, or any part thereof, as a derivative database to verify, confirm, enhance, audit and/or update any files owned, licensed or marketed by the following companies or any commonly owned company or alias thereof: Acxiom, Allant, Equifax, Experian, Knowledgebase Marketing, ChoicePoint, Harte Hanks, Donnelley Marketing, InfoUSA, Trans Union, and Riskwise, or otherwise use the Service or Content in conjunction with any data of the foregoing companies; or
  • use the Service or any Content the purposes of cookie tracking, ad exchanges, ad networks, data brokerages, or sending electronic communications (including email) in violation of applicable law.

Additional Policies 

The Additional Policies to which Subscriber agrees to be bound in connection with Subscriber’s use of the Service include:

  • the MaxMind End-user License Agreement (available at;
  • the minFraud Service Terms of Use (available at;
  • the FullContact Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (available at and; and
  • the Google Maps APIs Terms of Service (available at

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Signifyd’s Reimbursement Policy

What’s Covered

We cover chargebacks connected with fraud or unauthorized charges, often due to:

  • Stolen account information (account takeover)

  • Stolen financial information

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We do not cover chargebacks due to errors made by the merchant, card processor, or shipper, like:

  • Item not received, not as described, or defective/broken

  • Refund not processed

  • Duplicate charges

As long as the chargeback meets the above criteria, we'll cover it and reimburse the full chargeback amount, plus any associated fees.